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Key Highlights

  • People now buying virtual houses and land
  • Mars House just sold for amount equal to $520,000

Market for “Nonfungible Tokens” or NFT’s Exploding

At a March 2021 online art auction held by Christie’s, an NFT artwork by Beeple sold for $69.3M.  Just to be clear, someone paid $69.3M for a virtual artwork that does NOT exist.

Super World Platform Designed to Buy & Sell Virtual Real Estate

Super World, an AR virtual world platform, buys and sells virtual real estate and land.  Already, according to the company’s chief executive and co-founder Hrish Lotikar, Super World has sold “thousands of properties” in 2021 for an average of some $2,000 for a “plot” measuring approximately 100m X 100m, or approximately the size of Yankee Stadium.

Lotikar himself has already “grabbed” nearly 50 virtual properties including the Gaza pyramids in Egypt, Piccadilly Circus in London and several blocks around Manhattan and Times Square.

Lotlikar said, “It’s definitely a land grab now.”

How Does Super World Work?

Super World’s one-minute video on its website sums it up pretty well. The platform is billed as a virtual world where “creativity and entrepreneurship come together.”

Users are encouraged to buy, sell, create and explore one or more of its 64.8B unique plots that are “mapped” over the real world.  What does the “real world” have to do with Super World?  Users could buy/sell/create/explore the plot “mapped” over San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge or Paris’ Eiffel Tower.

Users are also encouraged to personalize “your world” with AR interactive 3D, photos, objects, animation, text…whatever it is you want and know how to do via AR.

In fact, the highest Christie’s auction bidder and new owner of Mars House has been given permission to “host the first metaverse wedding in June in Mars House,” said Lotlikar. (Metaverse is the term for shared virtual space.)

By the way, all transactions on Super World are done on the Etherium blockchain…translation…all transactions are “easy, private, and secure.”

NFT Real Estate A Fad or The Future?

Marcus Fairs, the founder and editor-in-chief of Dezeen,a publication that covers the world of virtual design sold as NFTs, is curious about the possibilities NFT real estate.  He said, “I do think the movement behind it is valid.  Clearly, we’re moving very quickly now to a state where a virtual world can do everything we can do in the physical world.”

All anyone has to do is put on a pair of AR glasses to do everything we can do in the physical world.

As Super World’s moniker says, “Our world is your world.”


Thanks to The New York Times.


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