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Why should I choose Julie as my eXp Sponsor?

A proud member of the Libertas Group at eXp Realty. Invest in yourself and get the support you need to build a fulfilling, happier life. Discover what is holding you back and take a step closer to achieving your real estate goals!


What Does It Mean?

Defining Libertas

Libertas (Latin for 'liberty' or 'freedom')

In other words, Libertas means freedom. The freedom to live worry-free throughout your life. The freedom from financial constraints and stress. The freedom to live your life to the fullest, the way you always dreamt it could be. Here at Libertas, we're all dreamers and we're realizing our freedom every single day.

Exclusively for libertas

What's Included

Every Libertas member receives exclusively access to these products and services just for being a member. What do you have to do? Nothing at all. Once you’ve chosen a Libertas member as your eXp Realty sponsor, you’re all set!

Exclusively for libertas

What's Included?

Every Libertas member receives exclusively access to these products and services just for being a member. What do you have to do? Nothing at all. Once you’ve chosen a Libertas member as your eXp Realty sponsor, you’re all set!

Onboarding concierge

When you join our our team, you’ll receive full access to our concierge service to help with everything from the application to your listings and your overall business. You’ll also have some of the nations leading coaches just a call away. This $300 service is absolutely FREE for Libertas members.

Coaching + Training

Libertas members get exclusive access to our Premier Experience coaching + training course. You’ll find email templates, call scripts, strategy PDF’s, and much more… All free! You’ll also be added to our members-only FB group, the Libertas Referral Network, and our weekly agent attraction events.

The Libertas Difference

Community Culture


We Support Eachother

Libertas isn’t about any one of us. It’s about our team, supporting our collective growth, and helping one and another do more.


Exclusive Resources

Every Libertas agent gets access to a suite of powerful tools, courses, and workshops for members only. You’re going to love it!


Break Free

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to do more and make more with more time left for you and what you love.


Grow Your Own Team

It’s one of the great benefits of eXp and Libertas agents rank amongst the top in growth. We’ll help you get there with our next-level creative team.


Core Team Values

With over 1500 active Libertas agents, we’ve discovered a bit of that secret sauce. Our Libertas family holds eachother accountable.


We Have More Fun

We chose this life and career because we love it. We’re confident you’ll feel the same after a few months with us.

1,500+ Agents Globally

What We look For

At Libertas, we know what it takes to be successful in real estate and we’ve built our team around those ideals. Libertas is a community of realtors working together for each other and themselves. We guarantee many more days like this one, those better days.

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eXp Realty is the fastest growing online brokerage that’s powered by top agents and cutting-edge technology. Whether you’re a real estate agent or have a team, or you’re thinking about a career in real estate, eXp Realty offers every agent the opportunity to become a shareholder. Choose Libertas and join the 1,100+ agents making it happen today.


Leading brokerages with new, innovative technology

eXp World
eXp Enterprise
Transaction MGMT
eXp Passport
Lead Gen
Workplace by FB
Optional Tools

You get FREE access to eXp's custom-built virtual world.

A unique and amazing part of eXp Realty are the agents, brokers and staff available “in-world.” Attend live classes, network with other agents and access support from any location.

Cutting-edge data visualization and dashboard navigation.

eXp Enterprise is your personal launch pad to all things eXp Realty. It gives you autonomy and greater visibility into crucial metrics and business intelligence, from a dashboard to view your transactions and commissions to a resource for marketing materials.

Featured In

"eXp’s incredible growth has driven their creation of a one-stop unified dashboard for optimization."

"eXp Realty Named a Best Place to Work in Glassdoor's 2018 Employees' Choice Awards."

"The first virtual, cloud-based real estate brokerage with more than 27,000 agents who use eXp World."

"eXp World Holdings: Attemping to Disrupt The Real Estate Brokerage Status Quo."

Our Beliefs

At eXp our core values are manifested throughout everything we do. Our values are more than just motivational posters on the virtual walls. They support the company’s overall vision and shape our culture.

Our core values.
It's what we live & work by.

If these core values speak to you, then you’re right where you’re supposed to be.

So, now what?

Oh, well that’s the easy part! 


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Click the “Join eXp Today” button and fill out the form. Select a day that works best on the calendar to connect with Tim & Julie. They’ll answer any questions and assist with the application and onboarding process.


Connect To eXp

We’ll guide you through the application and independent contractor agreements. Once we’re all signed, you’ll get an email from your state broker. This email will have state-specific instruction on how to transfer your license over to eXp Realty. 


Get Started

Welcome to EXP Realty! Once your application is complete your personal Libertas Concierge will take over. They will personally guide you step-by-step to become an active EXP Agent. This higher level concierge onboarding process is only available for Libertas Partner agents.

Discover a more successful real estate career and connect with me today to get started!


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