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Premier Attract is the #1 agent attraction tool for eXp Realty agents to sponsor new agents. Invest in yourself and let our proven silent salesman sell for you! Your conversion-optimized performance page includes ALL the bells + whistles!

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Why You Need This Now

Claim your personalized agent attractionwebsite designed to convert traffic into leads and leads into sponsors.


Silent Salesman

Let your page do the talking! You’ll get leads and then have all of their contact info to start the convo and close the deal! It’s all yours. You can share your page with anyone and everyone. 


Optimized Design + Code

Design matters to us. In fact, we kind of obsess over it. We’ve spent hundreds of hours perfecting our agent attraction page to help you convert traffic into leads.


Built In Translator

With the incredible growth of eXp Realty, you never know where your new sponsors will be coming from or what language they’ll speak. More than 100 language translations are included with your plan!


Proven Lead Captures

Our simple lead capture makes all the difference and your conversion rate will prove it. With 1,000’s of agents and growing, we’ve proven this process with Libertas, a premier eXp Realty partner.


Onboarding Simplified

We cover all things eXp Realty so you can focus on following up on your leads and guiding your new sponsors through onboarding with our custom videos and explainers.


Full Hosting + MGMT

We’ll handle everything that has to do with your agent attraction page. Updating, coding, hosting, and all the the backend maintenance. Should you have an issue, you’re 100% covered with us at no added costs.

A Lead Gen Machine

Why is it so effective?

Our simple lead capture makes all the difference and your conversion rate will prove it.

Step 1

Share Your Page

You can share your page with anyone and everyone. You never know who might be ready for eXp!

Step 2

Leads Sent To You

When someone views your page, they can call, text, or fill out your form. Those submissions are sent to you right then.

Step 3

Start The Convo

You'll then have all of their contact info to start the convo and close the deal! It's all yours.

Step 4

Grow Your Team

You closed the deal and now sponsor an additional eXp agent! It's the fastest way to grow your team.

Agents we've brought to exp

What's Included?

We’ll go over a few of the highlights.


Design matters to us. In fact, we kind of obsess over it. Although our bread and butter is real estate, we understand the expectations of clients, colleagues, and partners. That’s why we’ve spent thousands of hours perfecting our lead captures in order to increase your conversion rates.

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eXp Realty is the fastest growing online brokerage and it’s STILL in it’s growth phase. That means there are thousands of agents still waiting to hear about eXp and ready to choose YOU as their sponsor. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste.

Proven w/ 1,000's of agents

you're covered

We cover all things eXp so you can focus on following up on your leads.

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eXp Enterprise
Transaction MGMT
eXp Passport
Lead Gen
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Your questions answered here.

Yes! Signed off, check marked, approved, the whole shebang. You’re good to share this with the entire world without worry. 

You can see the explainer above on this page. In short, you’ll share your page with new prospects. They’ll view your page, fill out the form, and you’ll get every lead sent directly to the email of your choice. From there, you can take it away.

You should share your page with anyone and everyone! Well, anyone you think might be interested in eXp Realty in the near future. Or, maybe friends and family that have thought about getting into real estate. You can even send ads to your page as it’s optimized for every scenario.

At all times your personalized website will always have the basics updated. We’ll provide hosting, servers, and maintenance so you can focus on what you’re best at. We do, however, offer an additional service for only $25/month which includes 3 edits on your page each month. 

Yes! That’s the beauty of Premier Attract! All you need is about one prospect to choose you as their sponsor and you’d pay for this service for years.

Didn’t get your questions answered? No worries! Shoot us an email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

this all sounds great!

So, now what?

You Sign Up

Get started by completing your purchase in only 2-minutes. We’ll keep everything up to speed each month and if you decide you don’t want it, you can cancel anytime!

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This is where our fun begins. We’ll start building out your new agent attraction page with your info.

Your Page Is Ready!

That’s right! We’ll have your completed page with all of your information, ready for you to share in just one week. 

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