Don’t Join eXp Realty Before Reading This

With the excitement around the housing market this last year, we wanted to clarify a few things before you join eXp Realty. To do that, we figured we'd list the reasons why most people join the brokerage. Naturally, we're a little biased as it's the best brokerage in the world. Why? Well, here's why...

13 Reasons You Should Join eXp Realty

1. eXp Realty is One Brokerage

eXp Realty is one brokerage across multiple countries and continents. Instead of individual franchises, eXp Realty is operates as one large brokerage for all it’s agents. Furthermore, the growth has allowed this company to move far beyond the United States much faster than expected! eXp Realty has expanded internationally with plans to move globally within the next few years.

2. Incredible Virbella Virtual Workplace

Instead of brick-and-mortar offices, eXp Realty agents, brokers and staff work from home or anywhere they desire. By using eXp’s robust technology (see below), there are no commutes to and from the office. Agents are very mobile and make their office wherever there is an internet connection.  

3. Collaborative Technology

eXp Realty uses cutting edge tools and technology to collaborate with all of their agents and staff. Two of the main tools are eXp World and Workplace, which are used 24/7.

eXp World

eXp World is eXp Realty’s virtual world where agents and staff members can control their avatar and communicate with each other. These personalized avatars can be moved around a large online campus with offices, support staff, accountants, brokerage operators, and human resources. In addition, there are meeting rooms with large auditoriums for the entire company to gather. They even threw in a few entertainment options like the beach and soccer field. This experience is very similar to the very popular Sim’s.

Workplace by Facebook

Workplace by Facebook has quickly become one of eXp Realty’s most effective communication tool. This software has quickly garnered massive popularity with agents by seamlessly connecting with one another. These incredible tools engage eXp Realty’s massive agent population through connection across time zones to talk out ideas and partnerships.

4. Live Realtor Training and Classes

While traditional brokerages may have some cursory classes and onboarding, eXp Realty’s training is robust and ongoing. New agents are given a curriculum to follow for the first few months. There is continuous support with live, ongoing classes 50 hours a week for all agents covering tips on sales and listings, lead generation, social media, CRM tools and more. Sessions are recorded, so there’s no fear of missing a class!

5. Real-Time Support Team

No need to hope an IT professional is accessible and available. eXp Realty’s IT and service support staff is available during working hours across U.S. time zones, offering support for any question or need — technical or otherwise.

6. Marketplace Partnerships

eXp Realty’s Preferred Partner program provides eXp Realty agents and their clients with a marketplace for home-buying and -selling services such as mortgages, title, escrow, moving services and home warranties. Everything is set up for an eXp Realty agent to seamlessly keep the transaction moving forward.

7. National and International Collaboration

eXp Realty is an intensely collaborative company where agents are eager and willing to help other agents near and far. This can happen organically through eXp World or Workplace or through programs such as ICONversations and Agents Helping Agents — two programs in which top-producing eXp agents share their tips on success with other eXp Realty agents. Also, referrals can come from anywhere across the country, as well as internationally — and they do!

8. Agent Stock Options

Yes, that’s right. Agents can receive shares of stock in eXp World Holdings (eXp Realty’s parent company) after reaching milestones. Owning stock in the company not only provides financial security , but it also gives agents a voice in the company and enhances their commitment to helping eXp Realty succeed.

9. Best Brokerage Commission Structure

With an incredible commission model of an 80/20 commission split with a $16,000 annual cap, eXp Realty is attracting new agents from all over the world. That means each time an agent closes on a property, they keep 80% of the commission and 20% goes to eXp Realty. Once the agent hits the $16,000 cap in their anniversary year, they keep 100% of the commission per transaction.

10. No More Costly Brick & Mortar Overhead

As you know, traditional brokerages have hefty setup charges for agents. However, since eXp Realty is a virtual environment, agents are never hit with costly overhead fees. These traditional fees are actually the standard for brick and mortar operations such as rent, desk fees, insurance, utilities, furnishings, staff and more. As a result, this frees up profits which go back into the eXp Realty business for agent support, training and technology.

11. eXp Realty Revenue Share Plan

Whenever an eXp Realty agent brings a new agent into the company, they are “sponsoring” that agent and can receive revenue share income from the future sales activity of that sponsored agent. To further clarify, eXp Realty pays that share — not the new agent.

12. Agent Healthcare Program

Starting in 2019, eXp Realty introduced innovative and low-cost healthcare options for agents. Some real estate brokerages do offer health insurance plans, however, it’s not as strong as theirs. Of course, this is yet another example of eXp Realty prioritizing its agents’ well-being and success.

13. It’s Only The Beginning For eXp Realty

In short, it’s very early days for this incredible brokerage and we can’t even believe the growth thus far. At this rate, eXp Realty will likely be the largest brokerage in the world within 5 years. That said, we hope to meet you soon!


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