Millions May Face Eviction When Moratorium Ends in June

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Key Highlights

  • 11M+ behind on rent
  • Those 11M+ renters could face eviction in June

CDC Eviction Moratorium Ends June 30

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is set to end its eviction moratorium on June 30.

The 11M+ renters who are behind on their rent may face eviction when that moratorium expires at the end of this month. (Countless renters in different parts of the country have already been evicted due to some officials and property owners not abiding by moratorium restrictions.)

Though not perfect, this moratorium has reduced the normal number of eviction filings that would have been filed by at least 50%, according to Peter Hepburn, assistant professor of Sociology with Rutgers University-Newark and research fellow with The Eviction Lab. 

Some 15% of Adult Renters in Arrears

An analysis by The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities indicated that approximately 15% of adult renters in the US were not current on their housing payments.

John Pollock, the coordinator of the National Coalition for a Civil Right to Counsel, said, “We’re going to see what we’ve been managing to stave off: this wave of evictions that is just going to crush some of these areas.

Costs of Covering Housing Arrears & Assistance

Landlords have said all along that they can’t afford to house people for free nor can the country shoulder massive rental debt that is estimated to be as high as $70B.

On the other hand, housing advocates say the timing on lifting the moratorium is terrible.  Why? Because states are still scurrying around to distribute the $45B in rental assistance allocated by Congress

Mark Melton, a Dallas attorney who offers pro bono services to tenants facing eviction, has advised that the moratorium remain in place until all the assistance money has been spent.  Melton said, “If you bail out a renter, that means you bailed out the landlord.”

Eviction Rates Likely to Be Higher in Some States

As everything real estate depends on location, some states will see higher eviction rates than others.

For example, according to The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, (CBPP), nearly 25% of renters in Florida and South Carolina are in arrears on their housing payments.  That compares with 6% renters living in Maine and Kentucky.

Why that state-by-state disparity?

According to Alicia Mazzara, a senior research analyst with the CBPP, “Some states already faced greater housing affordability problems before the pandemic.  Another likely factor would be the state’s economy…jobs most affected by the pandemic (restaurant and hospitality sectors) may make up a larger share of some state economies than others.”

Additionally, Mazzara said that African American and Hispanic renters are four times as likely to be in arrears on their rent than Caucasian renters.

Pollack added to Mazzara’s remarks by saying, “Anyone who before the pandemic was living paycheck-to-paycheck is going to be vulnerable.”

Plus, there are more than 100,000 renters over 65 years who expect to be evicted within the next two months.  Nearly 450,000 renters between 55 and 64 years also expect to be evicted within this same time frame.


Thanks to CNBC, The Center on Policy and Budget Priorities, The National Coalition for the Civil Right to Counsel, The Eviction Lab and the Centers for Disease and Prevention.

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